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  • Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 18:39:42 -0500


I know all about the VMate and there's another
product like it called Neuros. Too bad for me and other blind
geeks we cannot used the device since the menus and buttons do
not speak. Do you think I and others could use the VMate for on
the fly recordings once the device is configured to record in a
certain format and rate?

It might be possible. The menu system is pretty simple and there is a single key you could press to start and stop a recording manually.

I guess you put the memory card in your
card reader or in computer's built in reader then transfer the
converted video to the card. Pull out the card and insert into
the VMate slot and watch on tv.

Yes. Actually, the V-Mate has a USB cable which allows it to be used as a card reader.

Do the menu items on the VMate wrap around or do they stop at
the top and bottom?

Thre is a structured on-screen menu system. It is pretty simple though. There are no menus which would require you to scroll offscreen to read them.

I'm currently recording with the devise now, but when I can look at it in front of me, I'll give more deteals. Sandisk has a website which describes the V-mate, but I theink the on-line manual is in PDF.

Lets start a fantasy baseball league.

I've already picked my team. The Detroit Tigers. Oh wait, They're a real team.

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