[blindreplay] Retraction of bad URLs

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 07:35:14 +0000

I could not resist trying to find Petro's podcasts. I used Google with the 
search terms 
+replay +podcast +petro

Google did return the URL Petro gave; I then put it in my Favorites list. 

Next, I decided to give the Help system of Replay a whirl. I found the section 
for locating podcasts. When it came to putting in the name of the podcast, I 
finally had to just put Petro. The search then returned his site with the 
individual podcasts. Now, the tricky thing is that to download an episode, I 
had to arrow up above the description to activate the Download button. Perhaps 
at the top of the list the Download button occurred first. Anyway, after 
selecting the episode, the download worked just fine. This was done through 
the Media Guide.

Now the only other little tip I might pass along is that to retrieve Podcasts, 
for instance, you must schedule a day and time for Replay A/V to check for new 

Gary Patterson
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