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  • From: "Life My Way" <lifemyway@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 16:45:21 -0500

Ok I am using JAWS 9 and Replay AV 8.41b and will try to explain how one can 
select what they wish without using the JAWS cursor in the Replay Scheduler.

If you tab the start and end list boxes are there for you. The third tab 
will take you to the today button. If you want to record once then left 
arrow one time and the radio button will be marked for you. Tabbing once 
will allow you to put the date in the list box. Or if the recording is for 
that day just tab once more and hit the spacebar on today and the date will 
be there for you.

If you wish to do a repeated recording tab through until you hear now button 
and right arrow one time and the repeating radio button will be checked 
Then tab and space bar on the days you do not want it to record on. Tabbing 
you will hear weekdays , weekends, all, and none. Those buttons do not work 
straight from the keyboard so it is best to uncheck what you do not want. .

In the list boxes you will need to right and left arrow in order to get to 
the topic or category such as hour, minutes, seconds, and am/pm. The date is 
as usual month, day, year. To make your selection of the time etc. you will 
need to up and down arrow.

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