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Dr. Wilson
Thank you.

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Online radio stations can send data in many different formats (MP3, FLV, WMA, 
and AAC to list a few).  The Direct Download recording method means that our 
software grabs whatever the site sends - pure data.  Of course, not all sites 
can be directly downloaded, which is why we provide the Audio Record method as 

The Audio Record method does a recording after your browser has processed the 
data into a playable format.  Consequentially, with Audio Record you can choose 
to save the audio as MP3 or WAV.  A RR9 WAV recording is 16 bit, 48 kilohertz.  
If you want to record as MP3, we don’t recommend setting the bit rate higher 
than 128.  Most online radio stations send their content at rates lower than 
128, so if you use a higher recording bitrate, you are only increasing the file 
size and not effectively increasing the recording quality.


Jeffrey Wilson
Applian Technologies, Inc.

From: Petro T. Giannakopoulos
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Dr. Wilson & all members
Replay Radio 9
If I want to record a radio station here in the WAV format it appears I have
to use the 'Capture' type as 'Audio Record' instead of 'Direct Download'. Is
this correct? Also, the WAV format being used within RR9 what is its bit
rate and hz? Is it 16 bit rate 44100?
Within RR9 settings via Tools menu my Audio tab property sheet has been set
to 'WAV'. It was previously set to MP3 and 32 kbps by me.

Thank you.

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