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  • Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 18:58:56 -0700 (PDT)

My message to you and Applian Tech is below:

My observations with Replay Player 3.0:

When I run Replay Player from its desktop icon:

I hear the Windows Media Player caption. I cannot do anything

I minimize it with Windows logo + M keyboard command.

I then rebring up the Replay Player via the taskbar tray area.
Note: It is listed as Windows Media Player in the taskbar area
and not Replay Player. This is ok with me.

The Replay Player or skin as you call it is in focus again.
The Replay Player works here after doing the above steps.

You have 17 unlabeled buttons or controls on the player and the
My Slider slide control which JAWS does see.

Can you label these controls/buttons in the future?

The following keyboard shortcuts worked for me:

P for Play/Pause
S for Stop
Q for Quit
O for Open    
0 for 15 seconds rewind

I will check the others tomorrow for you. It's been a long day
for me.

Thank you for everything.



--- Bill Dettering <dettering@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Petro -
> I'm still looking at the TV Tunercard issues, so please be
> patient on that
> front.
> Replay Player is actually a Windows Media Player skin, so the
> window caption
> says "Windows Media Player".  Hopefully the controls are
> accessible though -
> this is our only app which is a Windows Media Player skin.
> Best Regards,
> Bill 
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> Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:35 PM
> To: dettering@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Replay Player Bug - Petro
> Message to blindreplay mailing list:
> I know this has ben a tough 2 weeks for you.
> ----
> For Applian Tech and list members.
> If you have Replay AV 8.11 can you please let me and others
> know
> if your Replay Player works for you.
> Running the Replay Player from desktop icon or via Start menu,
> All Programs (classic view), Replay AV 8, Replay Player icon
> does not run Replay Player here on my computer. It brings up
> Windows Media Player 11.
> Within Replay AV 8.11 application if I go to the Tools Menu
> with
> ALT+T and choose "Open Replay Player" the same thing happens:
> I
> get Windows Media Player 11.
> I am curious to hear from others on this.
> Note: This maybe an issue on my computer and not on yours and
> this is why I am asking you all on this list for your
> observations.
> This may also be an opportunity to tell Applian Tech to label
> the buttons within the new Replay Player for us if they are
> not
> already labeled.  
> Petro                   
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