[blindreplay] Re: Replay Music tests for you

  • From: "Petro T. Giannakopoulos" <petrakigianos-giasou@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Life My Way <lifemyway@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 12:52:43 -0800 (PST)

I do not know. I have no issues here. If it were you I would contact Applian's 
tech support. I would uninstall Replay Music by going to control panel and then 
add/remove, reboot my computer. Delete the Replay Music foler in your
C:\Program Files\
That is delete the Replay Music folder only.

Go to Applian's website. Download the Replay Music application and install it.

On the last step for the install do not launch the program - see if there is 
checkbox that saids do launch Replay Music. Uncheck this box and then choose 
finish button. Reboot your computer again. Now run Replay Music. Do not change 
any settings within settings button but check the input device to be sure it 
reads as "audio driver".

Press spacebar on record button. Choose ok in dialog box. Minimize Replay 
Music. Open browser. Play your stream. Minimize browser and go back to Replay 
Music. In listbox you will see its recording your first track. See if you can 
tab around ok within Replay Music's buttons. To stop recording just tab to the 
"stop recording" button and press spacebar. Tab back to the listview box where 
your tracks/songs are and make sure all tracks are completely finished for you 
before closing Replay Music. Play the .mp3 files now and see if they are ok. 
Leslie tells me my recordings are fine and no pauses/splits/silence.

If you have a firewall software based make sure accept Replay Music through. 
Say yes or accept. Path is like: replaymusic.exe when the warning pops up.

--- On Tue, 2/10/09, Life My Way <lifemyway@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From: Life My Way <lifemyway@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Replay Music tests for you
> To: "Petro T. Giannakopoulos" <petrogia@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 3:22 PM
> what kind of connections is replay music looking for through
> the udp 
> port/in/out? i keep also getting a dialog with avg about
> genpuie and then 
> the next is about the system so what exactually is replay
> music looking for 
> through the udp port?

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