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Oh wow.  Thanks so much for replying.  Dare I ask how much Replay AV costs 
since I just got the other one.  We have XM as well, and I heard Replay AV 
works with that.  I'm going to go read this article right now.

Thanks again.  

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  Hey Paula - 

  I work for Applian - I know that Replay Music works well with Rhapsody - I 
have it - but I can't address the accessiblity issues.

  I do know that a great solution for recording Itunes radio - and separating 
the stream into tracks is Replay AV - surprisingly.


  Here is an article about it that I hope makes sense.




  from Applian


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  Have any of you on this list used either Rhapsody or Napster with Replay 
Music?  I am thinking of subscribing to one of these services, but I'm not sure 
which of them is more accessible, and which will work best with Replay Music.  
I'm new to this list and new to Replay Music, and I love the program, but am 
still learning the ins and outs.  also, is there any way to get Replay Music to 
separate the tracks from ITunes radio?  It seems like they might be too close 
together to make this work, but just in case anyone knows a work-around, I 
thought I'd check.


  Looking forward to finding out what other services might be available that I 
am not aware of that also may work with Replay Music.





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