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  • Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 09:21:57 -0400

Replay Music 7 was released about 10 days ago. NVDA handles the RM7 Settings 
much better than JAWS as JAWS does not tell the user if a setting is enabled 
or disable. If you find a way let us know. I have already told Applian about 
this. RM7 is developed by a different programmer. Read the user guide. Key 
shortcuts are,

alt+r to start / stop recording
alt+s to split recording

The user interface is different from RM6.

I am able to use RM7 with either JAWS or NvDA screen readers.

If you have RM6 on your PC already you can still use it even if you install 
RM7 on the same PC.

They can coexists on the same PC.

It has four controls on the main user interface. They are,
Get Support

Think of the above four as tabs. Once focused on a tab simply press your tab 
keyboard key to see what it contains. Note the Guides tab contents are 
silent and not accessible with JAWS / NVDA but if you press your enter key 
when it says blank you will be taken to a website that you can record from. 
There are many websites.

The Settings tab control has five property tab sheets. The first tab is 
called personalization.

The settings properties has no ok or cancel buttons. So keep tabbing or 
shift tab to get out of the Settings screen.

RM7 can be used by a blind person and it records well. Tracks are shown in 
its list view and you can navigate this list view of tracks with your arrow 
keys or by first letter navigation.

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is active.

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