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  • Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 20:53:19 -0400

I installed Replay AV 8.80 today. Installation is much cleaner to me. At the end you are asked if you want to install Applian Director but with JAWS 11 I found no way to figure out if the checkbox or radio button was enabled or disabled, checked or not checked so I had to use the route JAWS to PC cursor and examined the text and the grahics image number which was found before the name Applian Director and when I heard graphic number 1-- instead of 3-- or was it 7--, whatever it was I used JAWS left mouse clicks until I heard the number for graphics as 1-- and said that must be the not checked choice. Was correct as I hear no Applian Director toolbar here. I am sure you can uninstall Applian director after completely installing RAV 8.80 so no big deal. Just making you aware of this.

I also rad the Vista OS FAQs to see what is or isn't Vista OS ready. I read the MediaGuide may not work correctly for some users using Vista. How many of you can use it within Vista as I am curious? I cannot use the MediaGuide here. The FAQs saids to turn off the UAC - aUser Account Control and reboot PC. Are some of you doing this? I know you really don't need the Replay MediaGuide to add stations, shows and all the other stuff available but what is different about Replay MediaGuide that causes UAC to be set to OFF?

You can access the actual site by going to,


But you can't add stations, shows and podcasts as before automatically to Replay AV 8 where you would see the basic properties dialog box pop up.

Shortcut method would be to run Replay AV 8.80, run URL Finder utility and minimize it and go to the MediaGuide

Play the stream and URL Finder will reveal the listen links you need since Replay Media Guide is being blocked when you access it within Replay AV's Tools menu bar.

I hope you all understand this. Of course you can use any guide that's out there like Bill Sparks and the others. Just making you all aware of this.


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