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Doing so might literally mean hundreds of emails weekly.  Urls change all 
of the time; stations come and go:
podcasts come and go; podcasts change providers; take this from someone 
who has watched and monitored and attempted to stay on top of these kinds 
of things for the last 8 years:
no one database, individual, entity can possibly remain totally abreast of 
all this.
What is more important for individuals 
is to learn how to uncover this info when it is needed -- be it something 
you wish to listen for the first time or something no longer seems to 
Personally, rather than receiving a ton of emails, I much rather would 
prefer seeing a page where each change would automatically appear at the 
top of the listings and incrementally move lower as new additions made the 
You wouldn't believe the number of such changes that routinely occur, and 
how many folks it takes to attempt to keep this info somewhat up-to-date.
And, oh yes, we haven't even discussed how often stations tweek their 
schedules adding new shows, shifting times of others, dropping shows, 
jettisoning formats, and all the rest.
And as RAV is a time shifting recording piece of software, it not only 
needs urls but when to use those links.
And with literally thousands of stations streaming and those stations 
having up to 168 hours a week to program, and all sorts of entities 
streaming and delivering podcasts, it is nearly impossible to even hope to 
stay on top of this all.

As for just one example, yesterday I posted that 
Lou Dobbs' nationally syndicated talk show was debuting and listed 2 
stations that were presumably going to carry the program live and stream; 
namely KNEW Oakland and WIMS Michigan City, IN.
Those stations will, in turn, do other shifting to block out those 3 hours 
5 days a week for the show.
Coincidentally, and I mention this in reference to Dobbs, I was listening 
to the stream yesterday of your local WZNZ and Andy Johnson's show when he 
happened to mentioon that WZNZ would too be carrying Dobbs, but on a time 
delayed basis -- 9 to midnight.  Well, if you were attempting to maintain 
the database of program schedules for WZNZ, you would not only have to 
add Dobbs in, but also shift the rebroadcast of Andy Johnson's show from 
the Dobbs time block to midnight to 3 AM, cancel the listing of the Ed 
Schultz rebroadcast which used to occupy that midnight time slot, and on 
and on as WZNZ also just happened to add Thom Hartman (3 to 5 AM) and a 
Beatles retrospective show on the weekends.
How any database can possibly expect to maintain this info and generate 
notices without overwhelming folks is mindboggling.

On the Blindtech email list, periodically folks are looking for times when 
Kim Komando's nationally syndicated computer show airs.  Well, there are 
such listings collected on the net; but the problem is that often these 
listings are either out-of-date or don't verify that the station actually 
streams a given show.

My point is to suggest that the key element here is teaching folks how to 
fish for themselves first and foremost and that supplying specific info is 
a secondary concern for what may be valuable to you or me may be truly of 
no interest to 99.99% of other people.
At the moment, I attempt to track such things for places like Chicago, 
Peoria (il), the Quad Cities (il-ia), Jacksonville and a few other areas; 
but I don't currently find much value in what is happening in Anchorage, 
Halifax (NS), London England (or Ontario or Kentucky for that matter 
<grin>!!, Texarkana TX-AR, Boston, whatever.
To someone from New England, Boston, Providence, Portland, Me might be of 
special interest.
So what each of us should know is how to find that kind of stuff and only 
look to the lists as secondary sources, rather than primary ones, for this 
kind of thing.

On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, Robin Plitt wrote:

> I wonder if the developers would be willing to create an announce-only email
> list to automatically send out new links when they are added to the quide..
> robin
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> > I very much liked the old format in versions 4 and 5 when a list on my
> > computer was updated regularly and allowed me to browse through the shows
> > and stations.  This ended when the current guide format superseded the
> > listings on personal computers with the current on line guide.  I'm not sure
> > reverting to the old format would be at all practical, but something that
> > allowed the quick access to newly added shows and stations might help with
> > uncovering or discovering new gems.  RD
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