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Petro, andleslie and others.
along with this petro i would like to see the control tab, or left and right 
arrows  to be able to be used to change the  tabs this way a person using 
nvda will be able to access the tabs to change things they need to change, 
or want to change.
you have to remember that there are other screen readers out there that 
would make  using the replay products even better for those users.
I for one use window eyes, system access,jaws,nvda.
and the control tab, and the left and right arrows to navagate through the 
tabs like this would be a blessing.

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On 8/1/13, Leslie Bee <leslie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Another helpful series of tips from Petro:
> Blind Tester
> JAWS 14
> Leslie please post to the blindreplay list.
> While on main UI I accessed the toolbar Library menu for both the settings
> and conversion settings all is excellent. To access this I pressed alt+l
> while on the main UI screen or could have press alt+f for the file menu 
> and
> then right arrow for the library menu items where the settings and
> conversion settings items appear.
> The settings and conversion settings do not work with ctrl+tab but do not
> make any modifications with it. Keep it as is. It works great. The blind
> JAWS user will know to use his route JAWS to PC cursor command.
> Then do a left mouse click with JAWS to press/activate the tab sheet tabs
> that he wants to look at.
> Then he should go back to PC cursor mode with numpad +.
> The route JAWS to PC Cursor keystroke is
> Insert+Num Pad minus
> Use arrow keys to find the tab sheet text that he wants to configure or 
> take
> a glance at.
> For example, locate the Monitor, plug-ins, rtmp, http and the others you
> have on one of the tab sheets in the Internet settings. Route JAWS to PC
> cursor with insert+numpad minus then use arrow keys to find text 
> 'plug-ins'
> and place focus on letter p on plug-ins and do a JAWS left mouse click 
> with
> keystroke Numpad / on the numpad. this will activate/choose the plug-ins 
> tab
> sheet properties. Go to PC mode with numpad +. So go ahead and press your
> tab key to configure the settings for plug-ins. To go to a different tab
> sheet repeat the steps above.
> So,
> While in main UI, main interface press enter on Library.
> Insert+t for title bar.
> It should say library in title bar.
> Press alt+l to bring up the library toolbar menu items.
> Arrow down one time.
> Settings item is heard. If not, then up arrow one time.
> Press enter on settings.
> The settings tab sheet properties appears.
> You will land on one of the tab sheets. One of these will say tab checked. 
> I
> don't know for you but one of these will say checked.
> Use your right and left arrow keys to review the tabs mentioned below.
> The tab sheets are
> Library tab, Internet tab, Audio tab, History tab.
> You may hear settings tab too but no problem.
> For me the Library tab says checked. so I know I am in the Library tab
> property sheet properties which I can examine by pressing my tab keyboard
> key each time one by one.
> Try it.
> Say you want to view the Internet tab sheet next within this settings 
> screen
> you would do a route JAWS to PC cursor command which is
> insert+ numpad minus key
> Then use arrow keys to find the test 'internet tab' and when you find it
> press your JAWS left mouse click which is numpad / on the numpad say on 
> the
> letter I on the text internet tab. You will hear JAWS say to you Internet
> tab checked.
> Go back to PC cursor. Numpad +
> You know now that you are in the Internet tab property sheet so press your
> tab keyboard key to jump to the different settings you can configure.
> Note, the Internet tab sheet has some additional tabs within it.
> They are,
> Monitor
> http tab,
> http adv tab,
> rtmp tab,
> rtmp adv tab,
> dynamic tab
> BT tab,
> Naming tab,
> Plugins tab,
> ad blocker tab
> These are tabs above so if you need to configure something within one of
> these you will have to see which one is selected
> For me the Monitor tab is checked. JAWS tells you it is by it speaking
> Monitor tab checked.
> Want to go to a different tab then use the steps above again. Route JAWS 
> to
> PC cursor. Arrowing around. Find the tab you want and do aleft mouse click
> on it. Go back into PC Cursor mode. Then use your tab key to jump to the
> various settings within that tab sheet.
> On Aug 1, 2013, at 1:41 AM, Kevin Russell
> <kevin_russell@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:kevin_russell@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
> Hi
> I've just purchased Media Catcher V5.  I'm using JAWS and I'm wondering if
> anybody can give me some quick tips and tricks for getting started.
> I'd like to get to the Advanced option as I'm guessing that the Advanced
> interface will be similar to Media Catcher V3.
> I decided to buy this as I believe it's much faster in terms of not always
> doing real time downloads.
> Also, any news on the new product that was mentioned on this list a few
> weeks ago.
> Many thanks.
> Cheers
> Kevin
> Kevin Russell
> CICS Test
> IBM UK Ltd
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> Winchester, Hampshire
> United Kingdom.  SO21 2JN
> Tel: +44  1962 815531
> (internal 245531)
> Internet: kevin_russell@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:kevin_russell@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Unless stated otherwise above:
> IBM United Kingdom Limited - Registered in England and Wales with number
> 741598.
> Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU
Hello, Can you please poast using replay catchers with window-eyes? I
purchased replay catcher 5 last night and I am using window-eyes. Any
help would be gratefully appreciated.
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