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Hey All - this is from Petro - it speaks for itself.  Thanks Petro!!!!

Leslie Bee at Applian told me you posted on the blindreplay list. I am
assisting the developer currently and he's working on a new build.

I am blind and uses JAWS. I've assisted Applian in the past to make their
products accessible. I have an outdated website on this.


Sorry about my American Southern accent. Looks like you are based in the UK
if you listen to the tutorials.

I am waiting to test the new build of RMC 5 which I am going to abbreviate
from here on out. RMC 5 stands for Replay Media Catcher 5.

Helpful Tips

When I installed RMC 5 for the first time I got the Welcom screen when I ran
the program.

Unchec the checkbox and choose OK button to get rid of this welcome screen.

Close the program with alt+F4.

Run RMC 5 again. You should no longer see this welcome screen.

To review here. RMC 5 has a toolbar at the top. It also has a titel bar.
Pressing insert+t reveals which module/tab is currently selected. Modules
are Library, Internet, Audio, History, Schedule, and Guides. JAWS reads
these modules that appear on the main interface of RMC 5 as buttons. When
you press on one of these modules the toolbar menu items at the top will
change. The Library module button will show a different toolbar menu then
when pressing the Internet module button. This is what caught me off guard.
Be aware of this. The toolbar menu can be accessed by pressing alt+f which
will bring up the file menu which has only one item called exit. Navigate
the toolbar menu with your arrow keys.

Press Escape key to leave the toolbar menus and to go back on the main

Press on the Library module button on the main interface of RMC 5.
Press insert+t for the title bar. Make sure it reads as Library as its read
back to you.
You are in the Library module.
Press alt+L (library menu) choose display listview and press enter on it.
You have chosen listview as a preference here.
Press alt+v for the view menu.
Select every item in the View menu except the always on top. Every item
should have a check mark next to it except for the always on top. The
important ones are Library and Internet items. Make sure they have a check

To start the monitoring. This enables the capture/record/download.

Do the following,

On the main interface of RMC 5 locate the Internet button/module. Press on
it with either your spacebar or enter key.
Press insert+t for title bar. Make sure it reads back as Internet:.
Press alt+i for the internet menu. This menu does not show up if you were in
the Library module/button.
While in the internet menu arrow down to Start monitoring to download and
press enter key.
You should hear the sound tone which notifies us its recording now.

Before you go to the media you want to capture on the web or files on your
hard drive you should do the following.

On the main interface of RMC 5 choose

- the Library module/button with spacebar.
Press insert+t to hear your title bar to read library:.
You are in the library module.
Use your tab key to find the listview box. It should be empty with no files.
Place focus on the listview and then go to your media you want to play. Like
Internet Explorer browser.

Play something on the web.
Use alt+tab to bring back up RMC 5. You should see the listview showing you
a file or two in it.

You can arrow up and down this listview.
With JAWS if you arrow down to a file and do the follosing keystrokes you
can hear the rows and columns for that file.


The above will give you a better idea of what's going on with your file
progress capture/download.

While in the listview box you can press shift+F10 to choose the various
options like rename, delete and many other options.

To view your storage folder. This is where your recordings / files are saved
on your PC. do the following.

Press the Library module button
Make sure it says Library.
Press alt+L for the library menu
Choose the open storage folder with spacebar.
Your files are shown.

To change the storage folder to a different location do the following,

Choose Library module/button with spacebar.
Insert+t for title bar reading.
Make sure it says library.
Press alt+l for the library menu items
Choose Settings item with enter key. Note the settings and conversions tab
sheets need lots of work and they are working on it.
The settings screen/dialog box appears. Press your tab key a few times until
you land on Media Folder edit box. This is where you can change where your
files are saved.

Note if you mess something up here choose the defaults button to reset to
the defaults settings.

To tell RMC 5 to automatically convert recordings/downloads it does to
another format type automatically will be xplain later. There is a
workaround for now.

Say your videos are captured as MP4 or FLV by RMC 5 and you want RMC 5 to
automaticaly convert these for you, you would need to tell it to output
these to a conversion type of say MP3. It can do this for your automatically
or you can do each capture manually.

I do not know everything. I just work hard at it.
If you find any other helpful tips please email me at

For me, the start switch graphic is not accessible but there is a
workaround. The developer will fix it hopefully. This start switch when
pressed tells RMC 5 to start monitoring (record/download/capture) and you
will hear that same sound tone that was in RMC 4. Also the stop monitoring
same sound works too. Same one as in RMC 4.

I know I am telling you alot here but the program works.

The developer wrote,
RMC5 is a different product, with a modern interface and far more features
than anything AV or RMC4 had.

To address some of your issues:

Start/Stop recording menu item is under the Internet menu which is
displayed when the main Internet tab/module is selected
New Schedule menu item is under the Schedule menu which is displayed when
the Schedule tab/module is selected
Most menu items have key board short cuts where it makes sense - Ctrl-S for
example brings up the settings.  Stop/Start monitoring do not and did not
in RMC4.

Icons and graphics are labelled using the normal Microsoft Accessibility
Name and Description features of .NET, in the same manner as we implemented
them in RMC4.  NVDA picks these up fine - im am not sure why JAWS would

The start/stop monitoring buttons which are labelled as follows

Name:   Click to Start Monitoring for Downloads
Description: Starts and Stops monitoring for internet downloads

Conversion settings are a drop down in the Library module toolbar and
labelled as follows

Name: Click to select a conversion setting
Description: Click to select a conversion setting.

You wrote,
I've just purchased Media Catcher V5.  I'm using JAWS and I'm wondering if
anybody can give me some quick tips and tricks for getting started.

I'd like to get to the Advanced option as I'm guessing that the Advanced
interface will be similar to Media Catcher V3.

I decided to buy this as I believe it's much faster in terms of not always
doing real time downloads.

On Aug 1, 2013, at 1:41 AM, Kevin Russell 
<kevin_russell@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:kevin_russell@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


I've just purchased Media Catcher V5.  I'm using JAWS and I'm wondering if 
anybody can give me some quick tips and tricks for getting started.

I'd like to get to the Advanced option as I'm guessing that the Advanced 
interface will be similar to Media Catcher V3.

I decided to buy this as I believe it's much faster in terms of not always 
doing real time downloads.

Also, any news on the new product that was mentioned on this list a few weeks 

Many thanks.



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