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I find Replay Media Capture 4 to be quite accessible using JAWS 12 and 13
under win7.  I haven't delved into it too deeply, but I use it to capture
several different streams.


I don't think the fact that it does not capture those Shoutcast streams is
any indicator of a problem with the program.  The idea behind the Replay
Media Capture suite is that different programs need to be used to capture
material from different sources, of different types.  There are, for
instance, streams that Replay Media Capture does not capture that Replay
Music does.  There are a lot of types of streams out there.  


As for the Shoutcast streams you mentioned, or at least the 70's one, I
could record it effortlessly with Replay a/v, but Replay Media Capture
didn't seem to see it.


Tech support at Applian is pretty good, and they can answer this sort
question.  Though I doubt it covers this sort of stream, they have a nifty
feature where you input a source you want to capture and they tell you which
of their programs to use.





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I wonder if anyone can help. 

Is anybody using Replay Media Catcher V4 with either JAWS or Window-Eyes.  I
decided to upgrade from V3 and pay for the upgrade as I believe that V4 can
handle many more types of streams. 

However, it appears to be not very accessible at all.  It is very hard to
select the various options on the main screen, so I am very disappointed and
feel that I've possibly wasted some money.  Yes, I know, I should have tried
before I bought, but, in the past, Applian products have been very
accessible and I'm sure they will be willing to make this so again. 

I couldn't even get it to recognise the stream from Smooth Radio and Smooth
70s here in the UK. 

When I start either stream, Winamp plays the streams and I'm guessing Media
Catcher isn't fining that stream. 

Here are the direct links to the streams: 

Smooth Radio: 


Smooth 70s: 

 <http://shoutcast.gmgradio.com:10040/> http://shoutcast.gmgradio.com:10040/

My questions are: 

1. Am I missing some tricks and is V4 totally accessible. 
2. How can I get Media Catcher V4 to recognise the above streams. 

Many thanks. 


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