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  • Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 11:07:54 -0400

Dr. Wilson
Replay Media Catcher
Will test later.
Where do we use this ctrl+v in RMC6 in the files list or URL bar because one
can paste at least one URL in the URL bar and capture.

The 'file listing' that you mention below is this the list that displays one's
list of captured media within main UI of Replay Media Catcher 6? For example
this file list displays the name of the file and size and status like complete
when the capture is done? The URL bar that you mention is what I refer as the
URL edit field is not the one to use when doing the ctrl+v command?

If a user has an issue adding something via the file list view he can press
alt+i to import like two files into the files list then should be able to use
the ctrl+v thereafter.

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I have not updated the User Guide.

There are two aspects to the new RMC6 ctrl+v usage.

First, if you have a text file with one or more URLs, each on a separate line,
you can ctrl+c to copy that listing to your Windows clipboard. Then, in RMC6,
if you have the file listing area active, using ctrl+v will paste those URLs
and queue each for downloading. With this usage, you no longer have to paste
URLs one-by-one into the URL bar. Of course, not all videos can be grabbed
this way, but it works reliably with YouTube.

The second new usage of ctrl+v is if you want to import files into RMC6. In
Windows File Explorer, find one or more files that you would like to import.
With these files selected, use ctrl+c to copy their info to the Windows
clipboard. As before, go to RMC6 and have the file listing active. Use ctrl+v
to paste the files into the RMC6 file listing. You can subsequently convert
the files.

I hope this explains the new feature.

Jeffrey Wilson
Applian Technologies, Inc.

From: Petro T. Giannakopoulos
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With the latest release there is a new keyboard short cut.
New - can now use ctrl-v of files from window explorer to import and lists
of urls to download.

Dr. Wilson is this shortcut explained in the guide an is it listed in
keyboard shortcuts area of the guide.

Finally, can you briefly explain the ctrl-v usage?

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