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  • Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 21:27:35 -0400


This version of Replay Media Catcher 5 has been greatly improved for JAWS 14 users as I tested it.

With previous versions some of the buttons/graphics were not labeled.

One such button was the 'start monitoring' button.

The settings and conversions settings tab sheets were invisible and hard to configure. Now they are very accessible.

It was hard to set the conversion format type you wanted your media to be after a capture. Now it works fine.

When you first run RMC 5 you may see this welcome screen when you run it so uncheck the box and choose OK.

DO NOT use just the ALT keypress when going to a toolbar menu because you will be stuck in this menu which you can't get out of. Escape key won't work. Doing alt+F4 will exit you out of Replay Media Catcher 5.

So always use a combination keystroke like alt+f for the file toolbar, Alt+l for the Library toolbar, alt+v for the view and alt+h for the help.

Note the library toolbar alt+l will disappear when you have activated the Internet tab module. See below for further info.

When the Internet tab module on the main UI is activated with your enter key the library toolbar will be replaced with a Internet toolbar and its alt+i.

The internet toolbar is access with alt+i while the Internet tab is activated is another way to find the start monitoring and stop monitoring items.

I would next go to the View toolbar with alt+V to change some items. In the dropdown make sure everything is check except the 'always on top'. Just press your enter key on everything that isn't with a check except for 'always on top'.

Next I would go to the Library toolbar with alt+l. Make sure display listview has a check next to it. If it does not press your enter keyboard key on it.

Familiarize the UI now. The UI is the main interface of Replay Media Catcher 5. Use your tab keyboard key to find the modules;

Library tab
Internet tab
Audio tab
History tab
Schedule tab
Guides tab

To make any of the above modules/tabs active just press your enter keyboard key. Spacebar does not work.

To verify which module/tab is active review your title bar with insert+t.

Use your arrow keys if needed to examine the main UI interface.

If you keep tabbing you will view the list view box. This is where your recordings appear.

To locate your files on the hard drive you can choose alt+l and choose open storage folder.

You can change where your recordings go on your hard drive by pressing alt+l and choosing the settings in the dropdown. You do this change in the "Media Folder' edit field or by pressing the .... button.

If you mess up here you can go back and choose the 'Defaults' button to reset it back to where it was before.

While in the listview box use your up and down arrow keys to hear what was captured. With JAWS you can use


to learn more about the status like downloading, complete and the file name.

While in the listview box and on a file you can press shift+F10 to do various things.

The Guide tab is given me trouble at the moment.

The Schedule tab works fine in the previous version so don't see why it wouldn't work here.

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