[blindreplay] Replay Media Catcher 5 & Scheduled Recordings Correction

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  • Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2013 09:47:33 -0400

Replay Media Catcher 5

The Schedule Module/Tab and how to set a scheduled recording.

On Main UI press enter on Schedule Module/tab.
Press alt+f for the file menu and press right arrow one time to access the
Schedule toolbar menu items.

The Schedule toolbar menu has the following

New - choose this to set a recording.
Run Now

To schedule a recording at a later time press on New in the list.

This will present the Schedule setup screen.

This screen has two tab sheets. They are General and Advanced.

The General tab is read to you by JAWS as General Checked so we are in the
General tab sheet properties.

Tab one time and you will find the
Name edit field box.

Tab and review this screen.

It has settings for

URL address
Capture: Combo Box Options are
Direct Download
Record from stream
Record audio output

Download: Combo box Options are

Youtube Channel
BBC episode

Tab key again and you will find the field to enter your starting time

While on this time setting press your left and right arrow key to examine

It has the hour first, minutes second and AM or PM.

JAWS reads it as combo box like 3:01 PM
You press your up and down arrow keys to change the time setting or even
type in a number when on the hour like 5 to make hour 5 and the same goes
for the minutes type in 33 and a for AM or P for PM so I will type P when I
am on the AM area.

So it will say now 5:33 PM

To confirm all is right press insert+up arrow on numpad.

Tab key one time and you are on the date combo box. Set the date.

Tab key one time and here is the duration in minutes combo box.

I chose 44. Will record for 44 minutes. The default was -1.

At complete: combo box
Options are
Click to stop monitoring

Tab key one time

TZ: this is your time zone setting. Set it.

Tab key one time

Mon through Sunday checkboxes

Tab key one time now

No Conversion Settings - Press your down arrow to access this. Here you will
most likely use Formats submenu. If you know your recording will be already
.mp3 and that's all you want then leave this alone.

To access the Advanced tab sheet properties if ctrl+tab doesn't work you
will need to use

Route JAWS to PC Cursor
Find the text Advanced and JAWS left mouse click on it.
JAWS will read bac Advanced checked.

Press your PC cursor. Numpad +.

Edit fields within the Advanced tab sheet deal with ID 3 naming like artist
and album.

When done choose OK or Cancel.

To find your list of scheduled recordings you must be in the Schedule

So on main UI of RMC 5 find the schedule module/tab and press enter key on

Then tab until you find the Scheduled listview contents. Here you will see
your list of scheduled recordings you have set for a future time period.

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