[blindreplay] Replay Converter 2.60 Installation Info

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  • Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 06:56:35 -0700 (PDT)

Note: I have Replay AV 8.04 and it was not running. My screen
reader is JAWS 8 the latest version.

I downloaded RCSetup260.exe to my hard drive. The file is
approximately 17 MB. Check your file size after the download has

I then highlight the file and do a virus scan on the .exe file.
This is good practice. 

The scan is finished I choose OK. All is clean.

I then press my ENTER key on the RCSetup260.exe file to run it.

Read the dialog box. I make sure the info here looks right.

I chose the RUN button.

The welcome screen appears. Follow the screens that come up.
Read them carefully. All is accessible.

Choose the right radio button - I accept is accessible.

The next button is accessible on the screens you will see.

Be patient don't rush.

You will be downloading "codecs" during this install so let it
do this. Wait. Yu get the completed installation message. It's
not a bad idea to use insert+B command on the screens. 

Very easy install indeed.

My observations:

Let me know if it is the same or not for you.

In Start menu, All Programs:

I have a new Replay Converter folder. This was not there before.
I checked the properties for this folder and it says March 11,
2007 for this folder.

In Replay AV 8 folder within All Programs I still see a Replay
Converter icon.

If you go to Start menu, Settings, Add or Remove:

You will see Replay Converter 2.60 if you have to uninstall. You
also can uninstall this through Start Menu, All Programs, Replay
Converter folder as it has an uninstall icon there.

Now its time for me to run the stand alone Replay Converter.

I hope some of you are finding this helpful. Let us know if it
converts your Real streams to .mp3.



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