[blindreplay] Re: Replay Capture

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  • Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 20:50:52 -0500

Hey, Petro, what's your Skype name again?
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  Subject: [blindreplay] Re: Replay Capture

  I tested your video with Replay Media Catcher 5. It is downloading it right 
now Replay Media Catcher 5.

  The format is .flv 
  What format do you want it to be?
  Maybe, mp3 audio?
  Let me know so I can convert and test.

  What is way cool about Replay Media Catcher 5 is that you don't have to watch 
the whole video but play the video for 30 seconds and close the video.

  It is doing its capture even if the video is not playing / streaming.

  It took about 23 minutes for the capture to complete.
  The video file is 301 MB in size.

  I played the captured video with no issues.

  I am converting this video to .mp3 using Replay Media Catcher 5.

  Might want to take a look at this program.

  Next I will test with Replay AV 8 and the URL Finder your video.

  Thank you.

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