[blindreplay] Replay AV 8 listview box tip

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  • Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 07:36:19 -0700 (PDT)

Within the Replay AV 8 listview box where all your shows and
stations are listed you can do the following to quickly navigate
the listings:

Say I have 30 listings in the listview box:

Instead of using my up or down arrow keys to navigate the
listings in the listview I strongly recommend using:

First be inside the listview box.

Say I want to go to the Computer America listing I have in the
listview quickly, instead of using "C" with your keyboard,type
in "co" quickly with your keyboard. With JAWS you will land on
any station or show with "co" in the listview box that you may
have. That is type in the first 2 letters for your station or
show to find it faster n the listview. This is standard windows
way of finding folders or files in "MY Computer" area for

Some of you may say why not just use "c" in the listview? The
reason is "c" is starting letter in call signs for most stations
in Canada and I have some Canadioan stations in the listview.

The same goes for letters "w" and "k" as these cover most USA
radio stations. So instead of pressing on your keyboard "w" to
navigate the stations starting with "w" type in "ws" for the
first station starting with "ws" in its call sign within your
listview box.

I hope you understand me with this. It works for me.

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