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Thank you. Super. El fantasico! Great job! Happy New Year!

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  These are basic instructions for replacing the schedule8.dat file in your new 
computer with the one Replay AV has been using in your old one. I'll refer to 
your new computer as 'computer B'; your old computer will be referred to as 
'computer A':


   (1. Follow instructions 4 through 8 to locate your schedule8.dat file in 
computer A; 


   (2) highlight your schedule8.dat file, then Move it to computer B via home 
network, thumb drive, CD or email attachment.


   (3) Paste that file into a folder where you'll remember how to locate it 
later on computer B.


   (4) Copy that file to your clipboard; then go to your C root directory/hard 
drive on computer B by accessing 'my computer' on your desk top; you can also 
use the 'run' command (Windows key plus r); followed by 'c:'; then press 


   (5) Once you're on your C drive, press your 'd' key until you get to the 
'documents and settings' (d&s) folder; press 'enter' on that. 


   (6) You should land on your 'all users' folder. Arrow down to your personal 
folder and press 'enter' on it.


   (7) Assuming Windows XP has been properly set up for optimum performance 
with a screen reader, i.e. JAWS, you should now find yourself on the 
'application data' folder. Type 'l' to highlight 'local settings' and 'enter' 
on it.


   (8) Not to confuse you but you'll then land on another folder called 
'application data'. After you've 'Entered' on that, press your 's' key and 
listen for 'schedule8.dat'.


   (9) Paste in your old 'schedule8.dat file from your clipboard. And overwrite 
your empty schedule8.dat file. 



  I STRONGLY recommend you keep your schedule8.dat file where you can get to it 
so you can update periodically as you add new events to your Replay AV 
schedule. That way if you need to move your schedule8.dat file to another 
computer or when you change Windows XP to 7, you'll readily find it. Hope these 
instructions were reasonably clear. 


  Hap Holly, KC9RP
  Founder&Producer, the RAIN Report
  WEBSITE: www.therainreport.com
  EMAIL: hap@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  SKYPE: hapholly

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