[blindreplay] Repeating Radio button Tip

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Follow these steps please. I use Replay AV 8.21 on 2 computers
and have JAWS 8 and do not use the Jaws cursor at all to access
the Repeating radio button.

Go to the Schedule tab within Properties.

Press your tab key a few times and depending on your situation
you will hear either: Unscheduled - If you hear this then press
your up arrow UP 6 times and you will hear Repeating.

Note: If you do not hear Unscheduled then whatever you hear just
press your UP arrow a few times until you hear "Repeating". 

You have selected the "Repeating" option. Don't pay attention to
what Jaws says.

Now press your tab key 1 time and you will hear the Monday

You have checkboxes for Monday thru Sunday.

Say you want to record a show that's on every Saturday then
chooce the Saturday checkbox with your space bar.

Press your tab key a few more times until you hear Jaws saids
"Start" time. This box or edit box has:

hours: minutes: seconds: AM or PM

You will land in the hour edit box first. Use your number row or
your keyboard's up and down arrow keys to set it. Note: hours
only have digits 1-12.

Once you set the hour field use your right arrow keyboard key to
move to the minutes edit field box. Use your numbers row or up
and down arrow keys to set the minutes. Note: 0-59 for minutes. 

Once you set the minutes, use your right arrow key to jump to
the seconds edit field box. Use your numbers row keys or up and
down arrow keys to change the seconds. Note: seconds are from
0-59 also. 

Once you set the seconds, use your right arrow keyboard key to
jump to the AM or PM. Use your up and down arrow keys to make
the selection.

If you made a mistake and need to reverse just use your left
arrow keyboard key. and you will land on the seconds edit box.
You were on the AM or PM and you click on the left arrow key and
you wlanded on the seconds edit box. 

You are on the seconds edit box and you need to go to the
minutes edit box. Press your left arrow keyboard key and you
land on the minutes edit box.

You get the idea now right?

Once you set everything in your Start Recording time you press
your tab keyboard key 1 time.      

You land in the END recording time. It is the same as the Start
time. That is it has the hour, minutes, seconds, AM or PM edit
field box.

Once you have both the start and end times set do a shift+tab a
few times to land on the OK button and prss spacebar.

you land back on the RAV main interface.

Review your list view box of shows. Verify the show name and
start and end times for the show or station you modified.

Again you do not need the Jaws cursor at all.

I showed this in my mp3 recordings also.


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