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  • Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 06:41:36 +0000

I have submitted a registration problem to tech support of Applian. They 
responded by saying they have turned the problem over to a developer. However, 
I want to see if any of you have encountered this problem.

In the Media Guide, there is an area to register so that you may have further 
facilities in the usage of the media guide. I follow the instructions, receive 
an e-mail with a link to click to establish an account. When I receive the e-
mail, I click the link, in about two or three different alternative ways while 
using JAWS V8 screen reader. I use the space bar, I use the mouse left click 
keystroke for JAWS and then I have tried pressing the enter key while 
positioned on the link. 

In any of these instances, I get a screen back that says that the system is 
sorry that creating a new account has failed. No other explanation.

So for the heck of it, I entered my e-mail address as if I had an account, but 
then clicked the link for the folks who forget their password. I don't 
remember the exact wording, but this seemed to indicate that my e-mail address 
was not registered. 

Now I own and have activated V8.04 of Replay A/V. 

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm just trying to eliminate the screen 
reader from throwing a block in the road.

This is not a burning issue, however, I haven't dealt with an issue like this 
for a long time. I am using the e-mail address:


In advance, any response would be interesting and helpful.
Gary Patterson
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