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As a blind beta tester for Applian Technologies I can confirm
that you can record hulu.com videos using Applian's Replay Media
Catcher. Current version is 2.10d. They are working on a update
for Replay Media Catcher. Sometimes the audio/video is not in
sync according to a forum I am part of.

My setup is: JAWS 9, Windows XP Home SP2.

The application is very easy to install.

You use your spacebar to activate the buttons on the main
interface of Replay Media Catcher.

The _ or dash you hear is the minimize button.

The X you hear when you tab around the main interface is the
exit. Alt F4 closes the program also.

So you use your tab key to jump through the buttons on the main
screen. You use your space bar to activate a button and NOT the
enter key.

Don't use the Record button that you hear on the main interface.
See better method below. And don't use alt r for this either.

The program has a menu bar and to get there use your alt key and
then right arrow one time to hear the record menu bar. Do not
try alt r for record menu bar as it conflicts with the start
recording. I have told the developer about this and to label the
_ and X buttons.

The method I use to start the recording is:

Press alt key.
Right arrow 1 time.
You are on the record menu bar.
Down arrow one time to the start recording option.
Press enter key on start recording.

Minimize the program.

Open your browser and go the source videos.

Play the videos for 30 seconds. Stop the video. Go to another
video or clip. Play that video for 30 seconds. Stop the playback
of the second video. Play another video. Stop it.

Go back to Media Catcher program.

Use your tab key to find the listbox. In this box you will hear
the videos file names in a list. Use up and down arrow keys to
hear each.

Your videos you played earlier are being captured for you and
these will take time to finish. Be patient. Your recordings will
be in the .flv format.

With JAWS you can do "insert ctrl number rows 3" to hear the
amount of data captured for each file in the listbox. Two tips

You will hear a sound beep when one of your videos has been
completely captured for you. When you do the insert ctrl numbers
row 3 for the data you will hear numbers like 103254. And if
these numbers don't change on you then you know the capture is
finished for that video you did.

If you hear data "0" then something went wrong.

For now to delete your captured .flv files go to the folder
where you told the program to put your recordings.

This path can be set in your Tools menu.

The program comes with a free Flash Player called the FLV
Player. I am hoping the developer will contact me to add some
keyboard shortcuts to this player.

It already has some keyboard shortcuts. spacebar will pause/play
the .flv file that Media Catcher did for you. ctrl w closes the
FLV player. left arrow rewinds the video, right arrow does not
fast forward at the moment. I heard that Winamp will play .flv
files too.

When focused on the listbox within Media Catcher you cannot do a
application key (right mouse) to bring up the context menu popup
like you can do for the other Applian products. I have asked
them to fix this.

I have a blog on all Applian products.


The tips are there.  

Blind users can get Replay Media Catcher at a discount. The
discount can be found at the blog or contacting me privately.


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> Has anyone done any recording of tv shows from hulu tv?
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