[blindreplay] Re: Recording Videos From Local TV Stations: Would Replay Or Media Catcher Be Best?

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I never could get the Blind Ambition video to play.  I'll have to try it
again from the main community correspondent page and see whether they have
in fact removed it.  If so I'll have to contact the station.  We got along
real well with the reporter and consider him a friend now, so maybe he can
help us get a copy if he's not in Iraq now.  That assignment was coming up
shortly after we met.  

Thanks a million and I'll let you know what I find out.  

How did you play the August videos?  

If anyone wants to see this and I can get it back, please let me know


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I could not do anything on that KMPH flash page. Clicking on blind ambition
button with Jaws does not do nothing as usual here. And some flash is known
to do this sort of thing. I also noted here with Jaws that Jaws saw no links
on that flash page.
I looked at the source code for clues but I found none.

I did a site search within KMPH with blind ambitioin and I find nothing here
for it. Do you think they removed the video?

I did find the August videos though and the player works for me.

The link is:


I could play these 3 or 4 videos.

--- Pam Drake <pamdrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In June Dave and I were on a local TV newscast as we explored the 
> nearby Sequoia National Forest and climbed Moro Rock, about 9000 feet 
> high.  We wanted to publicize a new bus shuttle service from Visalia 
> to the forest, and the station decided it would be a good human 
> interest story.  We agreed to allow the reporter to accompany us and 
> record parts of the trip in order to demonstrate that blind people can 
> indeed enjoy the local attractions alone when there is available 
> transportation.  That's the quick version, and I do have a question.
> I have repeatedly tried to play the video which resides on the station 
> website.  I find only what appear to be numbered elements which click 
> as though opening as links or flash content.  I can hear no sound.  
> I'm wondering if there's a way I can determine what this is, then 
> record it to share with interested family and friends.  Of course 
> video would be nice, but it's not necessary to share with blind 
> friends.
> The following link may take anyone interested to the feature:
> http://videos.pappastv.com/player/player.php?id=51
> <http://videos.pappastv.com/player/player.php?id=51>
> If not, please go to the <kmph.com> site, then click "community 
> correspondent", then "special assignment", then "blind ambition" page 
> and there is a button labeled "View Videos Now" .  :
> I have asked on another list how I might watch this clip, but the 
> discussion regarding You Tube got me wondering if there might be a way 
> I could at least make and hear a recording, if not play the audio from 
> the clip directly.
> I'd like to get this clip before it goes away, though they still have 
> things from January there so they tend to hold them for several 
> months.
> Thanks very much in advance for any help.  
> Pam

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