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  • Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 12:58:42 -0700 (PDT)

Hi All

My name is Petro.  

You email Conduit support. Soon you email YouSendIt. 

You want the YSI plugin to work? Install the scripts from Brian
Hartgen. Thank you Brian. You're number one!      

If YSI follows through then you uninstall the YSI scripts.
You want Conduit to make their stuff more accessible? Email them
and tell them the access issues you have. You tell them the
programming code to make it work. Virtual PC cursor mode isn't
working here?

I only test and tell Applian Technologies the Jaws 8 access
issues I experience. I do not force or tell them what to do with
their applications.

Believe me when Replay AV 7 was released you could not use your
applications key on the listview where your shows/stations
appear nor could you press your enter key to choose the context
menu options like properties, start recording, and so on.

I spent my own free time to tell them how and what needed to be
fixed with Replay AV 7. I emailed and emailed Bill Dettering and
Mike Anderson. I sent them mp3 files like I do for you all on my
podcasts to explain the issues I had with Replay AV 7. They kept
sending me back email replies to my email messages and listened
to my mp3 recordings I sent to them on how Jaws was interacting
with the software. They kept sending me beta (release
candidates) for Replay AV 7. Taking the chance with such beta
software here. Not to mention all those buttons you see on the
main interface were not labeled on Replay AV 7.

Applian Tech followed through with this.

Then came Replay Converter which had some issues too. With Jeff
bishop's help and efforts and me telling Applian the issues they
fixed Replay Converter for us.

I tried to get YouSendIt to fixed their YSI plugin. Hopefully in
September this wil improve. You email this list and let me know
if you want to help in this in becoming a reality.

I believe Darrell Chandro is assisting Debbie at Applian to
improve the website you see. If I am incorrect I apologize.
How did I find this company? Over 3 years ago I heard a internet
radio station commercial talking about Replay Radio. I believe
this is where I heard about the company. I emailed them via
their website and the CEO Bill Dettering emailed me back and he
continues to do so to this day. A CEO who cares.

To me Applian Technologies is number one! I cannot predict the
outcome on how accessible the Conduit and YSI plugin will

Now the message from Applian Technologies is below. 

Hey Petro ?  

So first of all ? when I spoke to the folks at YouSendIt last
week they let me know that they have a plan to work on their SDK
in September.  (I was talking
to Lawrence by the way) And it is during the September SDK fix
that they hope to address the accessibility issues that plagued
the YSI plugin to Replay

I spoke to the folks at Conduit this morning.  (They are based
in Israel by the way).  They have never had the issue of
accessibility raised before.  The
person I spoke to was their business development guy.  He
promises to talk to their engineers.  I forwarded him the e-mail
chain that had the comments
by you and Kelly.  He promises to get back to me after he speaks
to the engineers. 

But he did say that the best way for anyone to get support for
any toolbar issues is to write to: 


He said that the more people who write to that e-mail address
bringing up the accessibility issue the better. 

SO I thought I would pass this along.
Thanks for all your amazing efforts.



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