[blindreplay] RMC & ctrl+v using Windows 7

  • From: "Petro Giannakopoulos" <petrogia@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 22:18:19 -0400

Windows 7.
Replay Media Catcher 6 using JAWS and the ctrl+v to paste in some files
worked well. Locate the list box as your tab around the main user interface
of RMC6 and leave focus on this file list. JAWS reads this file list as list
box. Go select some files on your hard drive or wherever and copy them to
your clipboard then with focus on the list box of RMC6 press ctrl+v and you
will hear your files in the list box. You can then convert these files to
another format. Do not use delete if these files are important to you
because you will lose your files unless you have RMC6 set to delete to the
recycle bin first. Select the file in the list and ctrl+r to remove the file
or files from the list box view as this will only remove the files from the
list and not delete them from your hard drive.

Windows 7.
Now to NVDA 2015.1 and ctrl+v with Replay Media Catcher 6. Locate this
'list' as you tab around on RMC6 main user interface. NVDA calls it 'list'
for the file listing. I called it in the past the list view. Place focus on
this list. Copy some files then make sure focus is on this list view and
press ctrl+v. Your files appear in the list view. Using ctrl+r to remove
these filess presents a Dialog screen but there is an issue. The dialog box
prompt is heard saying 'are you sure you want to remove' but the YES and NO
buttons cannot be found to click on in any cursor modes. This happens also
when quitting RMC6. It says are you sure and again the yes or no options are
not found in the window.

I am pretty confident that AT Prime when released will read the RMC6 UI when
released. Google for AT Prime vict-consultancy.

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