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Could this perhaps be a Clear Channel stream you're trying to capture?  Some
of these just won't record, no matter what Replay reports.  Must be the
coding because this problem has been discussed several times here.  There is
a stream I'd like to record but it doesn't work even though Replay shows it
in the log.  It seems as though Clear Channel had a particular format for
its streams which worked for a while until they changed a few months ago.
They seem to do this periodically.  <sigh>  


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Hmm, here's a strange one for you: Having installed Replay 8.52 on a
secondary computer and transferring the schedule.dat file successfully, I'm
getting zero recordings! Yes, Replay is in the system tray as it should be.
The programs did migrate properly, or so it appears, from the schedule.dat
file into the main window that lists all scheduled/unscheduled shows.
Coitanly is stwange! 

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