[blindreplay] Re: New Urls for Clear Channel Family Stations

  • From: Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 10:17:34 -0400 (EDT)


Actually, Clear Channel really isn't a monopoly as there are a number of 
large competitive players in the marketplace and there are no barriers to 
purchasing an existing station.
I'd argue that, when it comes to streaming, groups such as CC are great 
as, when urls become changed, they tend to follow a pattern and, once 
recognized, it is relatively easy to modify databases.
While it is a lot of work for Applian to change the hundreds of Clear 
Channel, Citadel, etc stations listed, once they figure out what to do, 
they can probably do it relatively quickly.
And if they happen to have software that can find and search and replace, 
even 800 CC stations might conceivably be updated with a mouse click or 
I really have no problem with these large station groups as they, in many 
ways, have been beneficial in this new world of global radio.
The days of true local radio died, as one of our local station programmer 
directors mentioned on the air, a decade or 2 back, when retail shopping 
patterns changed toward shoppers focusing on chain stores rather than ma 
and pa local retailers.
The ma and pa retailers bought ads on local stations, not your local 
Target, O'Charleys, et al.
Without local advertisers, it became impossible to fund true local radio, 
in most instances, beyond drive time, specialty programming, sports, 
infomercials, and other advertiser-based programs.
When viewed in that light, it was inevitable that the local radio many of 
us grew up couldn't survive.
A couple of Sunday mornings back, I happened to stumble upon a WSB 
retrospective of their history -- the irony being that what made WSB 
great, from an Atlanta perspective, was their local thing which now, more 
or less,
is nonexistent.  And that's the same thing everywhere with a few 
exceptions such as WGN Chicago, 
WJBC Bloomington, IL and a few others which have figured out how to get 
local advertising dollars to pay the bills.

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