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  • From: "Petro T. Giannakopoulos" <petrogia@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2013 15:26:17 -0500

The audio tutorials will be back up on Monday. RMC 5 is very powerful program. 
At first it looks inaccessible but it is not. Which screen reader are you 
using? To start monitoring 'capture' press enter on the library control that 
you hear on main interface of RMC 5. Press alt+s to start monitoring. You 
should hear a sound when you press alt+s.  Go to your browser and play the 
source. Play it for 30 seconds. Close your browser now. Go back to RMC5. Make 
sure you are using list view settings. If you are not sure simply press display 
list view button to enable list view appearance. Look for the list view by 
tabbing around. Your captures should be in the list view. To stop monitoring 
simply press alt+x. You will hear a sound. If you run RMC 5 and you still see 
this welcome screen please choose the checkbox and press ok to get rid of it.

We are just testing here. There are many ways to use RMC 5.
I can be reached via Skype. My Skype ID: is,

Skype will be back on Monday.

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  Hi, Can you please email me your audio tutorial link for replay media catcher 
version I am having trouble getting mine to work properly. I have 
been using replay catcher for years and love it. But this version is giving me 
trouble. Any help would be appreash

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  On Dec 8, 2013, at 11:33 AM, "Petro T. Giannakopoulos" <petrogia@xxxxxxxxx> 

    Hi All
    Will be removing my audio tutorials on December 8 from Dropbox which will 
mean the Dropbox links will not work when they are clicked on. I will put these 
audio tutorials back up on Monday, December 9.

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