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 Music from TV Shows and Commercials
You know how, when you're watching TV, there'll be music playing
in the background of your favorite show and you can't quite
remember what the song was, or who performed it? For a lot of
network and cable shows, answers, and even the songs themselves,
Music from TV Shows and Commercials - SendMeRSS 
are now available online. Browse by the title of the TV show, or
by the artist you think performed the piece.

Click this link to visit Heard On TV at http://heardontv.com. 

As much as I hate to admit it, I watch a lot of TV. Commercials
really get on my nerves, but every once in a while, one will
really impress me, or at least the song of the Commercial will
stay with me. Do you ever wonder, "What is that song in that
commercial?" Well, now you can find out. 

Welcome to Music from TV Commercials! This site lists all the
current TV Commercials, as well as the season it ran, the name
of the product, the song, the performer, and a link to a song
sample. If you really like the song, you can purchase it from
Amazon.com. How's that for convenience?

Click here to visit the Music from TV Commercials home page. You
can also click this link to visit What's That Called?
http://www.whatsthatcalled.com/ for more TV commercial music. 

Now what about the theme of your favorite show? I Found two
sites that have some of the all time classics available for

Click this link to visit the Slacker Up! TV Theme Song Download

Television Tunes is a massive source for theme songs to your
favorite TV shows and movies. Friends, 24, CSI, you'll spend a
lot of time here. All of the theme songs are in MP3 format and
can be freely downloaded to your computer (no registration is
necessary). Follow-up on latest theme song additions via RSS
feed, over 4300 tunes (and growing).

Check out TelevisionTunes at http://www.televisiontunes.com.

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