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RMC is very simple to use. Captures both unencrypted videos and audio. I've 
come across some audio (archived - on demand) on the web where there was no way 
to download the audio so RMC captured it for me. It's fast. Not second by 
second, bit by bit capture. Works best with archived on demand audio and 
videos. That is for media that is not LIVE. You play the audio/video for a few 
seconds and close it and do other things on your computer and RMC does the 
capture even though the audio/video has been stopped. Isn't that cool or what?

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  To add to the recent flurry of activity on this list, I'd like to know what 
the advantage of Media Catcher is over Replay AV? I have the suite but have 
never used Media Catcher.

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