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Does anyone know the address for Main Menu?

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  George Noory and his program Coast to Coast AM has a subscription service 
  but it can be recorded from a number of stations.


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  >I am actually a little surprised that Kim's show is listed.  A few months
  > ago local stations were requested to stop Netcasting her shows.  Now she
  > offers a for-pay subscription service to download her show without
  > commercials.  I did try to schedule her show with Replay to see what 
  > would
  > happen.  Either I hit the wrong link or I ended up scheduling another
  > computer show which I have yet to hear.
  > Pam
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  > The Leo Laporte stream you do not have to record it. Use his podcast 
  > feed.
  > Go Media Guide, choose Podcasts link in guide, in search box type in 
  > Leo's
  > name, then press enter key.
  > Add the KFI Tech Guy podcast by choosing ADD link.
  > Poddcast is much better. You get no commercials. Eliminates having to 
  > record
  > the show every Saturday and Sunday.
  > On Kim Komando show try this and see if you get better results.
  > Look for a affiliate radio station that carries her show on her website.
  > WSB Atlanta station carries her still I believe from 9 pm to 12 AM 
  > Eastern
  > Time Zone on Sundays.
  > Go to media guide, do a station search for WSB
  > Add WSB by choosing Add link.
  > You will be shown the WSB Edit Properties dialog box.
  > At top of this dialog box you will see tabs like Basic, Recording, 
  > Schedule
  > and so on.
  > Go inside the Schedule tab.
  > When you ear "unschedule" use your up and down arrow keys to change to
  > Repeating option.
  > Use tab keys to choose Sunday checkbox. Press space bar on Sunday 
  > checkbox.
  > Go back to the top of Schedule tab. Tab 1 time. You will land in the 
  > start
  > time recording area. It's in hours, minutes, seconds, AM or PM. Make the
  > changes here to read 9:00:00 PM if youlive in Eastern time zone for Kim
  > Komando show for WSB Atlanta. Tab 1 time and you land in end/Stop 
  > recording
  > time enter 12:00:00 AM for stop time if you are in Eastern time zone.
  > Shift+tab back until you hear schedule tab again and then tab 1
  > time and you will hear the Start time you set and tab 1 more time and you
  > will hear end time recording you set. It should read 9:00:00 Pm - 
  > 12:00:00
  > AM, Repeating, Sunday checkbox should be checked.
  > make any other changes you may need with the other tab folders:
  > Basics, Output and so on.
  > Choose OK button when finished.
  > All this sounds complicated but it is not so. It's easy once you do it a 
  > few
  > times.
  > Look at the List view box on main interface of RAV 8. You should see the
  > Komando show you added there. The scheduled date and times to record for
  > you.
  > I know the KFI stream works as I used to record it.
  > I will test them this week for you the URLs you sent to me. Just give me
  > some time.
  > Petro
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