[blindreplay] Re: Iheart Radio On RMC

  • From: "Petro T. Giannakopoulos" <petrogia@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 20:16:05 -0400

I forgot  that Replay media Catcher does have a way to identify the listen 
stream URL by viewing the source as you already have found out there with the 
rtmp:// URL.

Simply copy that rtmp address to your clipboard with ctrl+c.

Open RMC 5 and locate the schedule button tab/control that is found on RMC 5's 
main user interface. you know where you hearf Library, Guide, Schedule and so 
on as you tab around. Find the schedule control and press your enter key to 
make it the active control. If you use JAWS press insert+t for the title bar 
and you will schedule announced by JAWS. If you don't hear this then the 
schedule control is not active. make sure you press your enter key on the 
schedule control found on the main UI of RaMC 5.

  After pressing with your enter key on the schedule control press your tab 
keyboard key until you land on the schedule for a future time button. Press 
enter key on this button. The scheduler setup screen will appear. make all 
necessary settings. paste in the rtmp:// address you have.

  To access each tab sheets properties you must first press your enter keyboard 
key on the tab that has focus and then you can examine its properties by 
tabbing with your tab key repeatedly to examine each setting. When on a tab 
sheet press your right or left arrow keys to hear what tab sheets are available 
and then your enter key to make it active then press your tab key repeatedly to 
go inside.

  It is very simple to do. Set the start recording time. If you need help over 
the phone send me a private message.

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  Do not have to log in. I went to the iHeart guide in RMC, found the station I 
wanted and clicked on it. I can hear the station. When I simply clicked on the 
station, It started playing and the stream captures. there is a message from 
RMC that says the stream can be recorded with Monitoring turned on, which I did.

  When I played the stream,and looked in the Library, I saw the stream 
recording. I went to the properties for that FLV recording, and copied the URL 
from the source field. It reads:


  I don't have Replay Radio installed, but I think I have an authorization.

  On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 3:17 PM, Petro T. Giannakopoulos <petrogia@xxxxxxxxx> 

    Do you have to login to iHeart radio website. My guess you have to because 
you say you have a subscription.

    Can you view the stream listen URL within iHeart radio for your media you 
are trying to listen to?

    If yes, what does the URL protocol begins with http: or https: the listen 
stream URL?

    It will not work if you have to log in to IHeart radio first when it comes 
to using Replay media Catcher scheduler feature.

    But, you can run RMC5 first, press alt+s to start the capturing and then go 
to iHeart radio, log in with your username and password.

    Stop recording with alt+x.

    Do you have Replay Radio? It comes with the URL Finder tool which you can 
use to find the actual listen stream URLs if they are hidden.

    Go to Replay Radio's tools menu with alt+t and choose the URL Finder. If 
you never ran the URL Finder tool before it will ask you to install it.

    you should see a URL Finder desktop icon. You can run the URL Finder tool 
by itself via its desktop icon.

    When you run the URL Finder tool and it finds the stream listen URL address 
you can copy and paste it in RMC 5's scheduler dialog setup screen. Press your 
enter key on the schedule control / tab on main user interface and tab to a 
schedule for a future time button and press enter to bring up the scheduler 
dialog screen where you set it all up.

    My opinion only. Replay Radio is best for what you want to do as long as 
you have a listen stream URL address. Last time I checked iHeart radio they 
appearred to be audio output method and not stream capture method which allows 
one to record silently in the background. Hope I am wrong.
    If you don't have Replay Radio 9 maybe Jeff can send you the stand alone 
URL Finder tool executable program file to you.

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      From: Robin Plitt 
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      Subject: [blindreplay] Iheart Radio On RMC

      HI All,t radio in RMC> 

      Can you schedule a recording from Iheart radioatcher.
      in Replay Media Catcher? Is it record audio or stream capture.

      I have a subscription to the iHeart site and can play the station I want 
through the Iheart guide. But how do I get it to make a timed recording of that 


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