[blindreplay] Re: I am using Replay AV 8.10

  • From: pasquale acquaviva <noahpeal73107@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 14:22:21 -0700 (PDT)

Hello to the list,

I can confirm what Petro says.  Applian seems to have
developed the perfect insecticide for quashing all the

I installed Replay A/V late last night.  It seems that
I previously found no end of bugs when using earlier
versions of Replay A/V 8, but this newest version
appears to have eradicated the many problems.  for
example, I could not listen to many radio stations
with RAV7 or RAV8.  My only solution to this problem
was to remove Real Converter.  When this was done,
everything returned to normal.  Also, when Real
Converter was installed, all my shows recorded earlier
with RAV7 had that Donald Duck sound when using
Windows Media Player 10 to play MP3's.  Again, the
problem disappeared when I removed Real Converter or
when I used another Media Player like Quintessential
Player or when I was using files that used the Real
Player format.

After running many exhaustive tests, it seems as
though Real Converter was the monkey wrench that was
causing these problems and more.  I believe I can
unreservedly state, along with Petro, that all the
bugs have been fixed.  The conversion utility appears
to works very well. with no problems that I have
discovered up to this point.  Moreover, I can
automatically schedule recordings with RAV8.10 and
have them turn out flawlessly.  I'm extremely happy
with this latest version.

My only problem is that the new menu-driven interface
of RAV8 seems to give Window-Eyes some trouble, where
menu and sub-menu choices appear to be ghosted (i.e.,
the choices are repeated), with only one choice, of
course, functioning the way it should.  But I can live
with this if need be.  It was the other problems about
which other userss have written that caused me no end
of trouble.  I think I can safely state that
everything seems to be fixed with version 8.10 of RAV.

All The Best
- --
Pat Acquaviva

--- petrakigianos-giasou@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I am using Replay AV 8.10 here. I installed over the
> top of my
> older Replay AV 8 version.
> From the tests I have done this morning all looks
> very good. No
> issues with using Windows Media Player 11 by itself
> to listen to
> streams.
> Within Replay AV 8.10 I can tune to the stations in
> the listview
> and record the streams manually with the start
> recording via the
> context menu popup.
> The recordings I make via the manual method record
> fine.
> I have not tried the scheduled timer recordings yet
> but it
> should be just fine.
> This is important information for you.
> When you install Replay AV 8.10 with JAWS 8:
> Do not rush with the installation. Do not use your
> ctrl key to
> quiet JAWS speech. Please wait for JAWS to stop
> speaking
> completely and then take the next step you have to
> make.
> Use insert+E to hear the default button during the
> setup if you
> are not sure what is the default button choice.
> You will hear WinPCat setup in 2 different occasions
> during the
> setup. So make sure you let JAWS speak and finish
> completely
> with its speech and then do the required actions.
> The WinPCat will be the last part in the
> installation setup for
> you.
> The above are only my observations.
> Petro                       
> --
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