[blindreplay] How's the BBQ & Sirius Satellite Radio

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  • Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 20:25:30 -0400

How's the BBQ and Happy Memorial Day to you all!

Sirius Satellite Radio Info
If you listen to Sirius online on the internet I learned the following today.

They have accessible Captcha verification which speaks the characters/numbers out to you. First attmep with this failed. The listen and hear the numbers link didn't work in order for me to hear the captcha numbers.

Turns out this uses an active x add-on and for me I had no indication with JAWS 11 that this active x even was on the screen.

I found the active x at the top of the page and ran it. You choose run.

This is the first time I had seen an active x used for captcha's in order to hear the audio.

Sirius online costs $2.99 per month.
Only for USA and Canada residence.

If I am not mistaken here you will have to install another active x for Windows Media Player extensions.

The Sirius online service works pretty well for me. Used it only once to see if I could play a station so far. You can turn up or down the volume, uses similar controls as those found in WMP 11. ctrl+s for stop, the volume controls can be found with find command with JAWS ctrl+f then looking for 'vol' for volume.

Replay AV 8.80
The URL Finder tool after you run it and play a stream from your browser loses focus so use insert+F10 and then arrow down to URL Finder in the list and choose switch to to bring it back in focus. Not sure if you all have this happening to you.


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