[blindreplay] Help With The Clear Channel Sites I Mentioned In My Mistaken Reply: was RE: Re: No Recordings,

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Sorry I misunderstood.  

Now to recover my fumble I wonder if anyone has a url format that will work
for Clear Channel links.  I was going to post on this topic earlier so took
a cheap shortcut.  Sorry again, Hap.  


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Pam, I migrated the show schedules from my Replay program in my primary 
computer to my secondary one so I could shift my Replay activity from the 
one computer to the other. These shows were recording properly on my primary

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> Hap,
> Could this perhaps be a Clear Channel stream you're trying to capture? 
> Some
> of these just won't record, no matter what Replay reports.  Must be the
> coding because this problem has been discussed several times here.  There 
> is
> a stream I'd like to record but it doesn't work even though Replay shows 
> it
> in the log.  It seems as though Clear Channel had a particular format for
> its streams which worked for a while until they changed a few months ago.
> They seem to do this periodically.  <sigh>
> Pam

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