[blindreplay] Re: Has Anyone Used Replay Video Capture With Screen Access?

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Thanks Petro.  I did upgrade and I'm sure I have the inaccessible version.
<sigh>  I'm confident Leslie and I can take care of this.  <smile>

I will study your instructions and am sure I'll be using the program soon
with no problems.

Thanks to both of you in advance.


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Replay Media Catcher captures youtube videos but will need Leslie to help
you in getting an earlier version of the product as I heard the latest
version of Replay Media Catcher is inaccessible specifically the menu bar as
a user told me so about 2 months ago. If you bought the suite a while back
and didn't upgrade the product you got the accessible Replay Media Catcher
already. What you should do is read the user guide on Applian's website. You
run Replay Media Catcher first, press alt keybaord key, in the first menu
you will see record, press enter on this and then go to youtube where your
video is and play the video for 15 seconds. Close your browser to stop the
youtube video as I never found the stop button. Go back to Replay Media
Catcher program and tab to the listbox view box. You should see your video
being captured there. I don't know how long your video is so either wait to
hear the sound beat made by Replay Media Catcher which tells you the capture
is over or read the file name in the listview box as it has a number like a
counter - when that counter number no longer increases the capture is

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> Tonight I tried to capture a You tube video for viewing by our amateur
> radio club.  It is an old MGM film describing and praising the value
> of ham radio.
> I found the video capture program only partially accessible and very
> difficult to use with both Window-Eyes 7.2.  I found many static boxes
> and dialog boxes wherein the information could only be read with the
> WE or JAWS cursors, and attempted cursor routing and clicking brought
> very limited results.  I eventually switched to a free downloader
> program and did capture the video, but Replay probably would have
> given me a lot more control over the quality of the resulting output.
> If anyone has had luck with the video captures I would appreciate
> hearing from you.  Accessibility of video capture software may not the
> priority for blind and vi people as for sighted but the desire and
> maybe perhaps the need may arise to capture a clip with full video.
> This movie is a fine example.
> Dave and I are the only blind people in this club and this video
> relies heavily on the pictures to tell the full story.
> Thanks very much in advance for all help and suggestions.
> Pam

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