[blindreplay] Got the YSI plugin to work!

  • From: <petrakigianos-giasou@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 20:12:14 -0700 (PDT)

I installed Replay AV 8.21 tonight.

I am going by memory here and it was my first attempt at this.

Within Replay AV 8 go to the Tools menu with alt+t. Choose the
option that says YSI plugin or something close to it. It's the
last choice in the tools menu.

You get the licience agreement. You have to use your JAWS cursor
here to find the I agree choice. 

Applian: Tell YSI to label these buttons. The I Agree and I Do
Not Agree.

Use JAWS left mouse click to choose I Agree.

A new screen appears from YSI now.

You have to use your JAWS cursor again as the screen is
invisible in PC cursor mode. For me anyway. How about for you?

If you review this screen you will hear YSI sign in form.

Locate where it says username: with your route jaws to PC cursor
and place your focus on the "e" in username and use your right
arrow key to navigate 2 spaces away from the "e" letter in
username. By doing this you have found the edit box for
username. Press your left mous click with JAWS.

The username edit box becomes active. Type in your YSI username.

Do the same for the password. I could not find the submit
button. So I did this. After I typed in the password I pressed
my enter key. 

I am going by memory here so if I am incorrect I am sorry.

I closed the YSI screen.

I am now back with Replay AV 8 main interface.

I pick a station in the list view box.

I choose my applications key on the station. Chose Properties.

I went to the OUTPUT tab within properties.

Found a checkbox to check that said "Sent to - Media Courier".
You can't miss it.

You will then see a edit box to enter an email address.

Put in the email address.

Choose OK.

You are now back on Replay AV 8 screen.

Just for testing purposes I did the following to see if it

I right clicked on the station in the list view with
applications key.

Chose Start Recording.

I let it record for 30 seconds.

Highlighted th station again.

Chose Stop Recording.

The recording was sent to my email address.


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