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But what does the Google Drive button under the settings menu do?
On Jan 23, 2016 1:07 PM, "Rob" <rarmstr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You can change the output folder before you begin capturing or recording

Another way is to first locate the completed recording in the list of
recordings. Press the applications key to reveal a menu of choiced. Arrow
up and down to "show in folder" and press enter. Now you are looking at
the output folder. You can locate the recording, copy to the clipboard,
and paste into your Gogle drive.


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i I thought I was not on this list because I haven't gotten any messages
lately, but apparently I am. what I'd like to know today is how do I send
copies of my recording from Replay Media Catcher to my Google Drive folder?
I noticed that there is a button when you select your output folder for
Google Drive, but when I tried previously the output went directly to the
folder and it tried to sync the material while it was still being recorded
so I didn't get a good file on my drive folder any help would be
appreciated thanks Robin

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