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Here's a review of the Freecorder toolbar by Internet broadcaster DJC. In short, he could not obtain access using Internet Explorer, but he could activate buttons using Firefox. However, Freecorder did not record a Skype call when tested, leading DJC to conclude that the Freecorder toolbar doesn't live up to its billing or the pumping up of expectations in the press release.


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Ok I've now taken a look at this here Freecorder. I'm using window-eyes and here are my impressions. First I tried using it with IE6 and I could locate
the record, stop and pause buttons but could not locate the play and
settings buttons. Using firefox I was able to locate all the buttons. Yes
you do need to use your mouse pointer to locate the buttons and you do need
to left click on them. When you do this a freecorder window pops up and
that window is just a graph but it does need to be on the screen during
record. When I told it to play it first went to c:documents and settings
and as you probably can guess it went deeply in that folder. I changed that
under settings. I was interested to see how this toolbar handled echo123
from Skype so I hit record and called echo123 on skype. When I finished I
stopped the recording on the toolbar and hit play. It opens the folder
where the recordings are stored and i was surprised to note more than 1 mp3
file. The first mp3 file was skype's output from echo123 but it did not
record my voice after the tone. The second recording was my microphone with
echo123 faintly in the backround. Now I was using headphones with my
speakers turned all the way down. Under the settings you can use the driver
that they provide or you can use your sound card drivers. I tested both
methods and the result seemed to be the same. If it installed any kind of
player I can't get to it. It does install to both IE and firefox or you can
tell it which browser you'd like it to install in to. When I played the
recordings back it called winamp. Will I keep it installed probably because you never know when you want to just grab a quick snippit of something. Now
when you install it it will offer to install lots of other things for you
but I just left it at the defaults.

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