[blindreplay] Freecorder Toolbar & DJC's review

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 06:36:28 -0700 (PDT)

Hi DJC and all
The current version of Freecorder Toolbar 3 does not record
Skype calls. I was told this when I first tested FCT3 on August
1st as I asked Applian Tech about it.

With Jaws 8 I see the buttons:
Record, Stop, Play, Pause, Settings, convert, Classic Rock
button. I used Jaws graphics labeler to label the unlabeled Play
button that appears right after the Convert button.

Maximize your IE browser. Jaws users then do route jaws to PC
cursor, ctrl+home, then a home key.

Down arrow 2 times then do a home key.

Use navigation keys like Ctrl+right arrow keys to navigate to
your right and you will hear the record, stop, play, pause,
settings, convert, Classic rock (default radio tuner station
which can be changed).

To activate any of the buttons for the toolbar within IE browser
you do a jaws left mouse click.

For example when you choose record button a Freecorder dialog
box appears. Go back to PC cursor mode with Jaws.

Applian calls this dialog box the Visualization window. It will
say "recording in it.

You must minimize this window. If you close it with alt+F4 you
will cause to stop recording. The user guide explains this.

I did 13 podcasts on this Freecorder Toolbar 3.

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