[blindreplay] Re: For Susan:WFUB possible stream addresses - Susan

  • From: "Ron or Susan Denis" <rdenis@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 09:10:20 -0400

one area some have found tricky which is fairly simple once one grasps the concept is in the scheduling tab. I am using version 7 at the moment so if any of this does not apply to version 8, someone should correct me. In setting times, the first combo you land on is start time and you are in the hours box. Up and down arrow moves you through the day. Right arrow once and the up and down arrows will select and move through minutes. Right arrow again and you will be in the seconds column again changing seconds with the up and down arrow. One more tab and you are in the stop time. Again the choices are hours, minutes and seconds using right arrow to move from one to the next and up and down arrows again move through the numbers till they read as you want. Further tabbing takes you through a number of choices. I would comment on one only because it is very useful. The "today" button lets you immediately fill in today's date and so a "one time only" or "unscheduled" entry is now set for today and one can set the time for that show. This is particularly handy if you have a show you sometimes record and sometimes skip. For example, there is a program I usually listen to when it is on the radio. If I miss it one day, I can listen to or record it from another station where it is offered at a later time. I just leave this program set at "record once" and when I want that day to record the show, I select it, press enter, and (because I left it there) I am on the schedule screen. A couple of shift tabs get me to the "today" button. Space bar activates the button. I tab once or twice back to "ok" and press the space bar. Voila, I'm done! Ron Denis

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