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  • From: "Susan Wojtecki" <wojtecki@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 21:50:09 -0400

I agree that it is a very accessible interface and appreciate all the efforts of the developers at Applian to make all aspects quite usable. in an earlier message, i indicated that the hotkeys involving use of the control key as suggested in the user guide have not worked for me, although those functions with the alt key generally do work. i usually use the tab and applications key as you suggest, and am only referring to my experience so far. To clarify, the only area of the program in which I've found it necessary to use the JAWS cursor is when attempting to add a show to the scheduler. For example, ACBradio is listed as a station and it is possible to enter the schedule of particular shows, but this of course involves correct entry of recording times just as with quick recording. At first I thought i would need to add this manually, but have since figured out the listbox for selecting the times. For me this has been the most difficult aspect of the program, but even so I was up and running with just a little trial and error. Please know that I was not criticizing the accessibility of the program or any of the help offered via this list or your podcasts. While this may not be the ideal program for brand-new computer users, anybody who has invested the money to purchase it will likely go through the effort to get it working and to share what they've learned. i also use Total Recorder and will probably keep that program for quick recording, at least until I get past the problem of the recording of software speech, but it's amazing how easy it has been to find and record so many programs so easily. Anyway, just my thoughts.


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