[blindreplay] Re: For Paula & Replay AV 8

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 09:07:56 -0500

I've not commented on this as I have not subscribed to nor have I downloaded Itunes. I do however use window eyes and RAV daily or nearly so. My guess is that what you need most from the itunes is the URL to put in RAV. Not knowing for sure how Itunes works, this is only a guess, but assuming you have links which open the various stations, the "properties" of that link would contain the url address for the station and this could be copied and pasted into RAV. When on Itunes next, try the context key when on the link of the station you want and arrow up once or twice to properties. Press enter on this and read the screen to see if the url is there. copying this varies but if there is an URL, try to copy it. You could then plug it into the basic menu of RAV and it should then get the station. I usually copy an url to my clipboard, test it using the run command, then if it brings up the station, I next open RAV and use the add new show item so allow me to give it a name, enter the url, and make all the other choices relevant to how I want the recording made, saved, and so forth. One last comment, one nice thing is how easy it is to use rav as a tuner alone. Highlight an entry, press control-t, and you get the station playing immediately. With minimal effort, you can have something you listen to when you are there, or set to record when you are not. The "today" button under the scheduling menu is particularly good for this type of use. Ron Denis

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