[blindreplay] For Jeff Wilson & Life My Way User

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Below you will find Life My Way Replay Media Catcher 5 issue,
Ok, this computer is not an old computer that is running windows xp, the ram is 
newer ram and processor is a newer one.
Jeffabout the issue, i am having on both windows xp and a windows 7 laptop that 
has also a breand new upto date processor that has  the laptop also sluggish.
I can understand that you might not test with the screen readers, but might you 
give it a try please and  then let us know what might be causing such issues?

Life My Way continues,
petro please repost it for me when he gets on the list cause this really needs 
to be looked into most people would say it is a trival issue but since i do 
multi task like you i would like to be able to do this when using replay media 

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  I am dealing with credit card fraud. My card number was stolen so please 
understand if I am late in responding.

  From Jeffrey Wilson for Applian is below,
  I wanted to comment on one thread by Kelly Pierce.  She is seeing six youTube 
video formats most likely because she is using the Guide to go to the 
YouTube.com channels (rather than just letting RMC5 run and using her browser 
to navigate through YouTube).

  Secondly, Leslie Bee forwarded me a blind replay message regarding 
sluggishness while recording from YouTube.  While I do extensive testing, I do 
not specifically test with screen reading software since I have none.  That 
being said, I do test in Windows XP.  The user, Life My Way, seems to be using 
a older computer based on given specifications.  There could be any number of 
reasons why their computer is sluggish.  Windows XP is not know to stay fresh 
and snappy over time.  That being written, we have not had any customer tickets 
complaining about sluggishness.



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