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I don't know why the link wasn't picked up by Replay either but I have
had that same experience.  

Yes it is sad to see the lengths people will go to in order to do their
nefarious deeds.  I might add that Deb and Rick Lewis do this from their
own funds and have never to date asked for any support.  It appears they
don't want or plan to, so this is all the more reason to keep the
station as free of the kind of unwanted traffic we're talking about as
we can.  

Thanks for understanding and honoring my request.  As I said before, had
I not been through this issue and had the discussion with the Lewises
myself I would have made the same request as you.  Perhaps I should have
spoken up earlier but by the time I saw the original thread I figured
someone was going to come up with the url anyway <smile>  I did feel I
needed to explain the situation to all after the fact so all would
understand and use the link judiciously.  

Take care, and let's all enjoy Rick and Deb's shows.  We were out last
night so have them to look forward to later today.  <grin>  Yes, these
are great programs and I indorse them as well!  <bigger grin>  


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The thought had crossed my mind that there might be the issue you wrote
about, i.e. robots and the like. Had I not run into the problem with ALL
four links using Replay of late, I would not have asked. How sad some
folks will go to such extremes to add to their music databases *sad
face*. I have made note of the 209 link but won't propagate it further.
I'm just surprised Replay didn't come up with that 209 URL.
Thank you for your concerns and spirit of fair play.

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> Hello, Hap,  Barb, and All,
> Because of my personal friendship with Rick and Deb I did not comment
> this subject because, frankly, I didn't know what to do.  As I
> considered the matter Barb did indeed extract the correct direct url
> the station so that let me off the hook, but only somewhat.  Now let
> explain.
> Rick and Deb have had a great deal of difficult with robot connections
> which connect repeatedly hundreds of times throughout the day and
> almost certainly for the purpose of finding and recording individual
> tunes from their  play list.  Not only is this process questionable
> a legal standpoint, but These bots steal bandwidth from their servers,
> which they fund themselves, preventing live listeners from listening
> without dropouts and disconnections to the over-crowded server.  As
> explained it to me, these bots often are connected with up to thirty
> more other bots.  In other words, live listeners were prevented from
> connecting and listening to a quality stream.
> The only way Deb and Rick have found to cut down on this congestion
> been to withhold the exact url from any directories, including
> or Replay Media Guide.
> A few weeks ago I spoke with Rick and Deb about this, and they told me
> they have no problem or objection to people recording the streams but
> didn't ask outright for the info.  Instead I extracted it from my
> play list.
> Barb, you have the right url.  I have been recording the "Oldies And
> More" and "Deb's Saturday Morning Oldies" for several weeks now.
> As a personal friend of Deb and Rick I would ask all to enjoy the
> and add the station to your personal Replay show list, but please do
> submit this url to any directories.  I actually submitted the Loud
> Cities stream info to Applian before calling Deb and Rick and learning
> of their desire to keep the direct url private.
> Thanks for reading and understanding.
>> Pam>

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