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Hello, Hap,  Barb, and All,

Because of my personal friendship with Rick and Deb I did not comment on
this subject because, frankly, I didn't know what to do.  As I
considered the matter Barb did indeed extract the correct direct url for
the station so that let me off the hook, but only somewhat.  Now let me

Rick and Deb have had a great deal of difficult with robot connections
which connect repeatedly hundreds of times throughout the day and night,
almost certainly for the purpose of finding and recording individual
tunes from their  play list.  Not only is this process questionable from
a legal standpoint, but These bots steal bandwidth from their servers,
which they fund themselves, preventing live listeners from listening
without dropouts and disconnections to the over-crowded server.  As Rick
explained it to me, these bots often are connected with up to thirty or
more other bots.  In other words, live listeners were prevented from
connecting and listening to a quality stream.

The only way Deb and Rick have found to cut down on this congestion has
been to withhold the exact url from any directories, including Shoutcast
or Replay Media Guide.  

A few weeks ago I spoke with Rick and Deb about this, and they told me
they have no problem or objection to people recording the streams but I
didn't ask outright for the info.  Instead I extracted it from my Winamp
play list.   

Barb, you have the right url.  I have been recording the "Oldies And
More" and "Deb's Saturday Morning Oldies" for several weeks now.  

As a personal friend of Deb and Rick I would ask all to enjoy the shows
and add the station to your personal Replay show list, but please do not
submit this url to any directories.  I actually submitted the Loud
Cities stream info to Applian before calling Deb and Rick and learning
of their desire to keep the direct url private.  

Thanks for reading and understanding.  


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Great job Life
My Way! Hap Holly let us know if it works the stream URL that Life My
Way found for your station. Petro.

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>Ok here is the link that you can manually add to record the station. 
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>  Thanks a bunch, Petro. I look forward to what you come up with for a
recordable link as I very much want to archive Rick Lewis's Home Town
Countdown he hosts each Saturday evening from 9:00 to midnight CDT. He
takes a top 40 station survey from various markets each Saturday from a
week in the late 50s, 60s or early 70s and counts them down ... without
commercials. And the audio is VERY good. Enough for my commercial
>  Hap
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>    ok, you can do your context menu key in replay av and down to stop
download/capture and enter there and it will stop the recording
>    then you can use the delete key to delete the   test recording 
>    you set up i can take a look at the site and see if i can get it to
record and if so i can post the link you will need
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>      Subject: [blindreplay] Can't Turn Replay Off
>      Petro,
>      I set up a test in Replay AV but now can't find how to stop the
recording so I can delete it. Also, I'm having a tough time recording
anything from http://www.therideradio.net, which has audio links for
Winamp, WMA, RA and Loud City. For whatever reason I can't get them to
work for me now, even with URL Finder on. Please advise.
>      Hap Holly, KC9RP
>      Founder Producer, RAIN Report
>      http://www.therainreport.com
>      mailto:hap@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>      SKYPE Name: A.P. "Hap" Holly

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