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BlankReplay Converter
Run Replay Converter from the desktop icon.
Read the helpful hints to familiarize with the program.
When done with the hints you will be on main interface of RC.
Tab over to add files button. Press spacebar on add files button. Do not use 
your enter keyboard key as the program will disappear.
Locate your file. Standard dialog box here. For you locate the .flv file.
Choose ok in the dialog box.
You are back in RC program now.
Tab over a few times and you will hear convert audio button. I usually press 
spacebar on the convert button. Then tab one more time. Choose one of the mp3 
formats there. Don't go all the way down the list as you may get stuck. Keep it 
simple. Just choose 32 or 64 kbps mpe by just arrowing down to the format you 
want. That is just arrow down until you hear like 32 or 64 or cd quality mp3 
and do not press anything. You've selected the format. Now press your tab key a 
few times until you hear Start conversion button. Press spacebar on the Start 
conversion button. Do not press your enter key. Wait or walk away from the 
computer. You will have a dialog  / pop up with minimize or cancel buttons. If 
you leave it on this and waits you will hear a progress bar around the 60 
percent mark spoken out to you. 63%, 65% and so on. At the end you will the 
success sound conversion sound.

Your converted file will be in the same location as your flv file. If you plan 
to convert and mp3 file to another mp3 file then you should use a different 
location to eliminate a conflict.

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  Yesterday I went to the WLS radio website to grab the address for the on-air 
link to record a tribute to the late Don Wade using Replay AV 8.73. Turns out 
the link is a player WLS utilizes that resulted in Replay AV recording the 
2-hour tribute as a FLV file. I'd like to convert that to an MP3 file but don't 
know how to do that. I should have instructed AV to convert the file to MP3 
when the recording was made! Keep in mind I have the Aplian recording suite but 
have never used any other program. Sound Forge cannot open the FLV file.

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