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BlankHi Hap
You should delete the -1 first. Use your backspace key to delete the -1 or 
whatever is in the duration field. Sometimes i hear 1440. Just delete the 
numbers and use insert+tab to re-read what is in the duration field and type in 
360 for 6 hours. It is in minutes. 1 hour you would enter 60 in the duration 
field. 2 hours you would enter by typing in 120. To be sure all is correct 
press insert+tab to hear the duration field amount.

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  I had to reinstall RR9 today as I kept getting error msgs with the last 
version, probably due to my own programming error. Currently I have forgotten 
how to set the ending time for a show. I want to set the duration for six 
hours. Setting the minus 1 menu to 6 isn't taking. Please advise.
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