[blindreplay] Re: Do you use Winamp?

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When you install Winamp, you need to use the custom installation.  

The Modern skins will be selected by default.  Uncheck this and be sure to
use the Winamp Classic skins.

It has been several years since I installed Winamp from scratch.  I think I
also unchecked a couple of the other options, but I don't remember for sure
what they were.  Below is a portion of a message I saved regarding the

When installing Winamp, make sure that the modern skin support is not!
checked.  By default, everything is turned on.  So when installing it, arrow
down the list of options and uncheck modern skin support.  You'll know it's
unchecked for sure when you get to the skin selection part of the
installation.  Make sure that the radio button for classic skin for slower
machines and greater accessibility is checked.  If it isn't, you know modern
skin support is still checked, so you'll need to go back and uncheck it. 

Otherwise, you'll have nothing but trouble with it.  If you have a version
of JAWS after 4.51, press insert plus h for specific hotkeys for the window
you're in, or insert plus w gives you hotkeys for all Winamp windows.

Hope this helps.



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Do you use the Winamp player. I use to maybe 4 years ago. Is the
Winamp4theblind mailing list still around? Info please. Are there
installation tips for installing the current Winamp player for blind users?
Greatly appreciated. Been using Windows Media Player here. I understand
about files associations that one application can compete with the other so
I'll be sure deselect some audio/video file types during the Winamp install.
Do you use a certain skin with Winamp?


Any info is greatly appreciated.



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